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Good Luck. When you hear Politicians talk, they project the image that they are staring at their cell phone waiting for your call so that they can hear your opinion. LOL

You are restricted to your Senators and the one Representative on your small district.

If you email them you have to fill out a form and then when you send it, you will receive a ‘thank you’ and promise to answer it within six weeks. By then the issue you wanted to discuss was old news.

When you call you get a secretary or staff member that very politely promises  to relay your message, or reads a script back to you expressing their view on your question.

I didn’t elect them.

I recently called one of my favorite Oklahoma congressman’s office — Excited that I may catch him in their district office during the August recess.

The best I could get was that they would be holding a public meeting on September 3. If I wanted to ask him a question, that would be my only opportunity.

A few weeks ago I decided to call a dozen of my favorite Tea Party Politicians to make a suggestion on closing the border, that I’m still sure would work, and got the same polite runaround.

I’ve never had a call returned.

Only multiple calls on a particular issue get attention. Therefore If you want to get attention from your Congressman you must join an activist group.

Or if you have a issue (like needing help with a child’s health that has been rejected) that will give them positive publicity, they will find time to return your call.

Even our very best leaders will find time for you — only if they can count the votes.

Or, if your name is well known.

I wonder how many congressmen have refused to return a call from Rush Limbaugh.


When the Trayvon Martin incident surfaced, the race baiters must have had a thrill go up their leg.

It had been a long dry spell for Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and the Black political race baiters.

They were beginning to lose their credibility. – They have just about become irrelevant, except to the low information voter.

The old  “hate and divide” tactic was losing its steam, because technology has overtaken them.

The slaves were ban from reading for fear they would become too well informed and rebel against them.

For years the progressive left has managed to suppress the young black people from an education knowing that if they became too well informed they may find them out.

Through the years they have successfully recruited the liberal press and taken control of the educational system, and used it to successfully indoctrinate all of our children.

And the president has shamed the honor and prestige of “the office of the presidency” by adopting that tactic. – But it’s always brought out the Black vote in the past, so I’m sure he also saw the Trayvon Martin incident as an opportunity to gin up the sluggish black voter.

But through today’s technology, there are multiple media outlets that present opportunity to reveal the truth, even if they can’t read.

The Trayvon Martin incident backfired on the Democrats. The anger opened up a dialog on the issue of race, that many non-blacks were afraid to encounter.

A conversation that Conservative politicians are afraid to talk about for fear they will lose the black vote. How much of the black vote do they have now?

Bill O’Reilly led the conversation – unafraid – and laid out the facts very well. – This brought out some brave black commentators — some from liberal media outlets.

A group of black conservatives were revealed on the April 8 edition of the Shawn Hannity Show, during a special show featuring a live audience of black conservative leaders.

Before that show — like the conservative politicians — some seemed to be content to just blend into the conservative culture, being comfortably interviewed on conservative networks, talk shows, and writing articles for conservative blogs and websites.

It encouraged me to see their energy and determination to organize and start the process to spread the truth to their people.

More African Americans are starting to rebel against the liberal black activist and politicians that stole the “Martin Luther King” dream from them.

They can see there are still no jobs, their kids can’t read and write, there’s more violence in their neighborhoods, their daughters are having babies without husbands – and they are worse off then they were 20 years ago.

They are looking for policies that will give them a better life”. — many are realizing they have been sold out by their own brothers and sisters.

If the black conservative leaders, can teach their people the benefits of conservatism, Democrats will lose their vote.

And the liberals that sold them into voluntary slavery will have to leave town.

Allen West recently said – “There’s nothing on this green earth that a liberal progressive fears more than a black American who wants a better life and a smaller government.”

Conservatives “understand that the Constitution was written to control and regulate the government, not the people”.

You can see the abuse these black leaders receive when they try to break away from the dishonest propaganda that has been pounded into their heads. — Eagerly distributed by the liberal press.

We should admire and appreciate their bravery.

But the exploitation of the Trayvon Martin incident by the race baiters has backfired – and the democrats will lose some votes because of it. Time will tell how many and long it will take.

But it’s inevitable now. When the black community learns the truth, the Democrats will lose their vote.

The Trayvon Martin incident was a tragedy. But one day history may credited him with a young man’s tragedy that started the journey for his people to find the opportunities available, that Martin Luther King marched and fought and died for.

They are available.

As we enter the community of the Tweety Birds, we find tons of information available to us.

Rush Limbaugh has named us “the cesspool of misinformation.”

When there’s hundreds of thousands of people providing information at the speed of light, it’s certain that some information and opinions provided by novice reporters will be tainted.

But there’s a massive amount of information that I can retrieve in minutes at the touch of a finger, that keeps me up to date without having to search all the news sites, news TV networks and talk radio shows. (which I also do).

Sometimes, even misinformation will spark a new direction for me to ponder, research and investigate.

And I find it a little arrogant and condescending when someone that’s achieved a level of success in the field of news and opinion, decides that “the position has been filled,” and I don’t have enough ability to discern between good and bad information.

And I don’t have to waste my time listening to the benefits of a good cigar or someone’s participation in a golf tournament – of which is absolutely of no interest to me, until I’m ready to.

However, I do believe we’ve missed a great opportunity to overwhelm the public and change public opinion through the re-tweeting power we have available to us.

In the past few years the game has changed. It’s the low information voter that determines who wins or loses.

You find them in all groups: College students, women, minorities, seniors, churches, welfare recipients, etc. – Conservatives, Independents, Libertarians and Liberals.

The low information voter is bored with politics, and long drawn out conversations won’t hold their attention. They don’t want to be bothered, and they don’t care about what is going on in the world.

But they still vote.

As I was watching “Watters’ World” (on the street interviews) on O’Reilly recently, Watters concluded with this statement, “Catch phrases and buzz words is what they understand.”

So we have to secure their vote using short bites that appeals to their comfort level. And teaches them how to vote.

Social networking has provided us with the mechanisms that we didn’t have available to us a few years ago.

But like the Conservative Politicians, We’ve simply ignored the importance of organizing and banding together in a single cause to secure their vote.

The Twitter Community can have a powerful impact on securing that vote if we will organize and overwhelm the “liberal mainstream news media.” — And that can be accomplished through re-tweeting catch phrases.

Most Tweeters have people that follow them. I find most of the Tweeters I follow have thousands.

I get a little frustrated sometimes when I could use a little more space, but Twitter is perfect for distributing catch phrases.

Within this community of “the cesspool of misinformation.” We find the occasional tweeting of Politicians like Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Pete Sessions and Paul Ryan.

News anchors including Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly – and pundants, Charles Krauthammer, Monica Crowley, and Karl Rove. – Bloggers, Wayne Dupree, Michelle Malkin, and Crystal Wright. – Talk show host, Sean Hannity, Herman Cain, Rush Limbaugh and numerous news websites.

Now consider this. If we had a central point available to start a “catch phrase” so that everyone was on the same page, and this catch phrase was re-tweeted (a simple click) by every follower in your line (which you can encourage to do) – the catch phrase would appear on millions of computer screens simultaneously and throughout the day and week.

Now that’s what I call Saturation. I’ve termed this tactic “Media Flashmobbing”, as you’ll notice contributed to the name of this blog/website.

The catch phrase could be extended through the various media outlets like those mentioned above.

If Reince Priebus, chairman of the RNC, was to alert all of the local, county and state RNC chapters of this opportunity, it could unite them into one powerful organization.

This is all good but it’s mostly preaching to the choir.


So, it very important that we choose a liberal Tweety Bird or two, and blitz them with these catch phrases. Most will be irritated, but a few will be curious enough to investigate the benefits of conservatism.  And we only need a few.

This tactic can also be extended to other forms of social networking.

If you have a personal Facebook account you can post these catch phrases and they will reach many of your liberal friends, and will allow you more space to elaborate if you choose.

Also if you will link to your local news websites you will find plenty opportunities to comment on their political new articles using catch phrases that will reach the low information and liberal voter.

I will be posting current catch phrases to be re-tweeted on my site in the “So! What Are We Gonna “Flash Mob”About Today?” section.

Better still, If you would like to receive an email each week listing the current catch phrases, along with a liberal twitter account to be flash mobbed, you can opt into the list by CLICKING HERE.

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Last Sunday morning my Pastor brought a great sermon to the congregation. He made this statement, “Our nation has become so immoral that we need to do something to get it back.”

Later I asked him, “Don’t you think we need to ask one more question? What are YOU doing?”  — Yes he answered. We do.

If the conservatives don’t pull themselves out of the stone ages and adopt these modern day tactics they will soon become ineffective and irrelevant.

This “catch phrase” one click movement if massive enough, may bring them to organize and adopt tactics that work.

Join me today and lets do it.

The Chicago Gangsta-style political tactics that have been prevalent through out the Obama reign are being revealed daily through the latest parade of scandals.

The corruption revealed through all the investigations that have and are to come, may not result in any major damage to Obama personally, but can damage the Democratic ‘brand’, and when the 2014 elections come around they will run from him like he has the plague.

As it stands the Gangsta-crats have implemented the greatest deterrent to participate in any Conservative, Tea Party, or Christian activity. – FEAR.

It’s a little suspicious to me that it was actually the IRS that revealed the scandal to start with – probably expecting a little collateral damage – but arrogantly assuming that the gangsta-media would run cover for them and through months of “lie and deny” would keep the tactic of fear in the minds of potential Conservative activist.

Under the pressure of the current scandal, the IRS may have to refrain from it’s previous activities but the atmosphere of intimidation and fear has already been established.

This is the time that activist groups and political campaigns solicit donations from their big money donors.

It’s common knowledge that 15 Romney donors were audited with 7 of them being accused of criminal activity.

The former head of the San Antonio Tea Party in Texas says the IRS targeting of his organization terrified so many members that nearly 50 percent quit the group.

Tea Party and conservative groups were sent questionnaires that were very intrusive if not illegal.

They asked: who was attending your meetings, what were your meetings all about, give us a list of your donors, how much money are they giving you, phone numbers etc.

Christians were even asked what they prayed about. Or what kind of books they read.

Whether or not Obama knew it, and instructed his gangsta-staff to implement this tactic—which may or may not be proved at some time, the tactics definitely assisted in the theft of a Presidential election, and aided in gained seats in Congress and additions to the Senate, thus guaranteeing their control.

And the tactic of intimidation and fear has been established and the warning has been sent that if you oppose the Gangsta-crats, they will go after you.

However, along with accompanying multiple scandals, the Gangsta-crats have provided the Conservatives with an opportunity to eliminate the IRS and big government.

The IRS is feared and hated by everyone.

Sen. Cruz recently tweeted: “Mr. President, if your #1 priority is fixing the problem, let’s abolish the IRS and ensure it NEVER happens again!”

This is the prime time for Conservatives to implement legislation that will eliminate the IRS.

The Gangsta-crat politicians will oppose them, but most of their constituents will favor the elimination, and will put pressure on them to vote for the bill.

There is the added fact that a vast majority of voters will not trust the IRS to implement Obamacare, the greatest piece of social legislation in decades.

And the AP scandal reinforces the distrust towards the  Gangsta-crat administration

This should be the number one and most intense campaign to pass legislation in our time.

Conservatives politicians at the national level must organize, write a bill, create emotional talking points and catch phrases, and then saturate the public with them, as revealed on this site. If anything can be sold to the public, this is it.

The RNC should run ads.

The local, county and state GOP organizations should encourage the national politicians to write the bill and then commit to promote it. – Also college GOP groups.

If the IRS can be eliminated it will eliminate the fear of intimidation, and will encourage voters to get involved in removing the Gangsta-crat politicians from office.

Of course this will require a different tax structure.

Following are the arguments:

Flat Tax Vs. Fair Tax Vs. Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan


The progressive movement of the “new tolerance” poses a grave danger to you and your family, and our nation.

The Webster’s dictionary defines tolerance as, “to recognize and respect [others’ beliefs, practices, etc.] without sharing them,” and “to bear or put up with [someone or something not especially liked.”]

The new tolerance is defined, and taught to our children, as the view that all values, beliefs, lifestyles, and truth claims are equal — that what every individual believes or says is equally right, and equally valid.

But our moral values come from the teaching of the Bible, and traditionally, most of our laws. And the Bible makes it clear that all values, beliefs, lifestyles, and truth claims are not equal.

Often times a child that has been raised in a typically moral traditional family may return home from college one day and explain to their parents, “you don’t understand. My generation is different from your generation.

My generation is more tolerant. They say, ‘Let people live the way they want to live.’ We decide our own personal right and wrong, and leave everybody else alone.”

Nearly four in five eighteen – to thirty-four-year-olds admit to adopting that unbibical view, because of the indoctrination they receive in most of our educational system today.

There was a time when indoctrination started at the college level, but today the Progressives have gained control in many of our schools starting in kindergarten.

The new tolerance, respecting me means accepting and approving my ideals . . . because “what I believe represents who I am.”

In other words, if you don’t respect my values, my beliefs, my claim to truth, my lifestyle, as much as you do your own, then you are intolerant because you’re making a value judgment on my beliefs . . . and that. . .  according to the new tolerance, is a judgment of me as a person.

If there is no absolute moral standard, then one can’t say in a final sense that anything is right or wrong.

It’s ironic that the “New Tolerance Movement’ is intolerant of anyone that refuses to adopt their definition of tolerance.

The definition of the new tolerance means not only accepting a person who differs from you but also agreeing with, approving, and even participating in that person’s beliefs, behaviors, and lifestyle.

Drawing such false equations is one of the primary tactics of the new tolerance, labeling of any disagreement or objection as “phobic.”

When you complain that your elementary school son is too young to understand homosexuality, they won’t listen, they just call you names – You’re a “homophobe.”

If you protest the teaching of the Islamic faith to your child, where they are forced to pray to Allah, you are labeled an “islamaphobe.”

When was the last time you heard a member of the mainstream media call a progressive a “Christianophobe?”

Any nonconformity to their beliefs is labeled a “hate”.

In today’s climate of new tolerance, if you and your loved ones display strong Christian convictions, your convictions will expose you as “fanatics.”

The designation of Christian creeds, prayers, symbols, and similar expressions of faith is “discriminatory.”

A generation ago or more, schools focused on teaching our children reading, writing and arithmetic. Also to respect God, family, and country, to work hard and understand that we are all accountable for our actions.

The schools have been taken over by the Progressives and turned into “institutions of indoctrination” and used to reverse all of those virtues. I’m sorry that this generation has had that stolen from them.

Today, one of the primary goals of many educators – at the primary, secondary, and college levels – is to teach and promote the new tolerance.

The teaching of the new tolerance is corrupting the nations moral standards.

Immorality such as, acceptance of child bearing out of wedlock, was the beginning of the destruction of America. And today acceptance of gay marriage is adding to that destruction.

When we break down the traditional family unit we destroy our society.

When more than 50% of our daughters have no husbands, this breeds poverty.

Poverty brings more immorality, ignorance, lack of education, and the loss of accountability.

Many preachers, instead of leading their congregations to approach the unwed mothers and fathers and teaching them accountability, along with mentoring them and helping them financially – they allowed the secular activist of their time, and their emotion of love for their people, to deceive them into leading their flock in the ways of the world.

Giving material possessions precedence over the teaching of the Word of God, and eagerly sent them to the polls to vote for candidates that were against the teaching of the Bible, but promised to give them free food and housing.

This brought us a society weak in moral standards, content to accept abortion, homosexuality and separation of God from our schools and civil affairs, as a trade off for material and financial security, and because of it the generations that followed, have and will continue to suffer.

If we are to retrieve our nation we must do three things.

FIRST: We must gain control of our educational system. It would take one election cycle to gain control of the school boards across the nation. Most people don’t vote in school board elections.

If the local churches would organize in each district – and submit for the office of school board, conservative people – then promote them – and finally, get the church members to vote for them — they would soon be in control of the school system in their local area — and could return our schools back to their original intent.

Simple solution, but someone has to organize a national movement.

SECOND: We must actively nominate and vote politicians into office at all levels that will enact legislation that promotes moral policies. – And let the politicians that are there now hear our concerns.

THIRD: The churches must understand their responsibility of involvement in the political process. You can clear a church in less than a minute if you say the word politics.

Fifty percent of Christians voted for President Obama. Shameful.

But most church members and their leaders avoid politics because they have allowed the “new tolerance” movement to influence their activity through intimidation.

I would like to encourage you to join the “Media Flash Mob” team today.

If you have time to spend 15 minutes or more a day on social networking – Then I promise you, I can make it easy for you to make a difference using less time. — Maybe once or twice a week.

Look to your left and up a little, add your name and email address in the box provided, and get updates and alerts on critical issues. OR CLICK HERE

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