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Recently Bill O’Reilly led the conversation – unafraid – and laid out the facts very well how the Breakdown of the traditional two parent family unit bred the scourge of poverty, which in turn, breeds ignorance and moral corruptness.

He also boldly called out the black activist and their roll and responsibility. Kudos to Bill.

But somehow he and a great number of credible pundants have been drawn into the Establishment Republican fear of being blamed for shutting down the government as they were in 1995 and 1996.

Bill is generally reliable in his opinions because he tries to base them on facts , instead of emotion. That’s good.

Here is a fact: It’s true they were blamed for it, and it hurt their feelings, but they went on to gain four or five seats in the Senate and lost a couple of seats in the House but still retained control.

But Ted Cruz and Mike Lee understands that they have a no lose situation on this issue, and have discovered the tactic to change public opinion. And that’s all you have to do to win.

Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have taken an issue that 70% of the people agree with them own, and through public opinion have forced John Boehner to present an offer to de-fund Obama Care.

First – they chose an issue and without fear chose to take on the Dems and the Establishment Republicans.

Second – they exposed and explained the negatives of the bill with facts people can understand. They understood the personal and emotional effects Obama Care would burden people with. Forced to buy insurance – inferior insurance – losing their 40 hour work week (forcing them to work two part time jobs) – destroying the economy – and for seniors death panels.

They exposed that Congress and special interest groups have been given a pass, but the little person is going to be forced into it.

Third – This is the one thing the Republicans have never figured out and is essential to success. –  Saturate the public. Evan a ‘low information’ voter will get it if you hammer it in their head using talking points and catch phrases.

Once the general public understood, their opinion was secured in favor of the issue, and were easily convinced to call their congressmen and encouraged them to support de-funding Obama Care.

Regardless of what the politicians want to support – we, the general public outnumber them.

Most people don’t want to be bothered with the issues of the day, but when they hear and understand the implications on their life they will act and politicians will hear.

The issue is now in the Senate. Public opinion can easily be changed if they continue to use this tactic, but they need to explain that if the Senate doesn’t support the House bill, that guarantees funding for the government, Harry Reed and the democrats will be voting to shut down the government.

This should be saturated into the news outlets, and repeated every time a Republican opens their mouth.

If both houses were to pass the House Bill, then Obama would be forced to make a decision to veto or not. Now the media blitz can accuse the President of shutting down government if he vetos.

Ted and Mike have learned the value of explaining an issue so that the general public can understand it and how it applies to their life – And then takes the message to the people by saturating the various media outlets.

OBAMA CARE PROBABLY WILL NOT BE DE-FUNDED – So how can that score a win?

Here is how it will probably go down.

The first offer will be to fund everything but Obama care, but if the Senate members feel enough pressure from the voters, (the Ted Cruz tactic) a counter offer will be presented to suspend it for a year, and will probably be accepted by both parties in some form.
So we won’t have to worry about that for a year.

This will make it an issue for both parties favoring the conservatives.

This time can be used to present alternatives like the Tom Price Plan which the Democrats have managed to freeze.

Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have forced all politicians to expose their position on this issue.

Tea Party Conservatives can now target incumbents in their primaries and cleanse the party of politicians that are progressives or have become progressives.

Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have shown that the general public still prefers conservative policies and will vote for pure conservatives when they know whom they are.

When people understand that Obama Care can be eliminated when the Republicans have the majority, people will vote for them.
If the pundents understand the message of this article, they will refrain from been drawn into the Establishment Republican fear of being blamed for shutting down the government as they were in 1995 and 1996.

The support of this reteric will potentially damage the move to defund or suspend Obama Care.

Had not Ted and Mike stood up and fought, the Republicans would have scurried away in fear and Obama Care will be implemented without a fight exposing them as weak and ineffective.

See a list of Senators and Candidates who have already signed a pledge to stop Obamacare, as well as a list of those who have not.

On October 1st, millions of Americans will be required to enroll in Obamacare and could lose access to their doctors and be forced to pay higher premiums and higher taxes. But there’s still time to stop it. Republicans in Congress can stop Obamacare if they refuse to fund it.


Many of the Republican politicians have been voting to eliminate Obama Care. — Over and over.

But now we get to see who’s really serious.

If Obama Care is not stopped now, it will be very difficult to eliminate it once it takes affect.

From my observations, It seems that the established Republicans that were around during the shut down in the 90’s remembers the beating they took from the liberal press – and it’s so ingrained into their memory that they just don’t have the nerve to take them on again.

But were living in a different climate now. These politicians need to either cowboy up or we need to send them home.

All the polls indicate that a great majority of Americans, including unions, independents and democrats, realize they’ve been lied to, and are against Obama Care.

It’s an easy sell that Republicans can fund everything but Obama Care, and accuse Obama and the liberals of shutting down the government if they don’t accept it.

It can easily be sold as de-funding in order to delay it  in order to give them time to present a program that will work. (every one knows this one isn’t).

This is a prime opportunity to win the attention of the young voters.

Today’s technology makes it possible to overcome the liberal press that was in control in the 90’s.

So, the Republicans need to get behind Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and win this fight.

They need to name it–claim it – explain it – and win it.

You can follow the link provided above, sign the petition and call your senators and urge them to sign the petition.

I’m doing research on possible scenarios that will help to build a health care program that will work and be acceptable to public opinion.

If you’ve been following me you know that I have started a “name it and claim it” series.

I hope to present the article on “Name it and Claim it – Health Care”, soon.

If you haven’t read my article on closing the border you can follow this link.