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Regulations -340x191This is an issue that’s rarely exposed to the public. – Yet it should be one of the easiest issues to sell to the general population. It affects everyone because it destroys the economy, jobs, and the cost of food and merchandise.

Even the non-working poor, and food stamp recipients understands, when you explain it to them, that regulations will make a gallon of milk go up. – Even the “low information” voter will get it when you “Flash Mob” it.

Statistically, regulations are boring, so If you know of a company or business that’s been affected, please share it with us and we will try to feature it to be “flash mobbed”

(The more ridicules the regulation the better. Name a company or business that’s been affected.) This can be done every week using a different regulation and business owner.

Flash Mob . . . Flash Mob . . . Flash Mob

NOTE: Call your Tea Party and Conservative politicians, and encourage them to organize their own “Flash Mob”. And if they will appoint someone to co-ordinate with “MediaFlashMob.com”, we can assist them.




I would like to encourage you to join the “Media Flash Mob” team today.

If you have time to spend 15 minutes or more a day on social networking – Then I promise you, I can make it easy for you to make a difference using less time. — Maybe once or twice a week.

Look to your left and, add your name and email address in the box provided, and get updates and alerts on critical issues. OR CLICK HERE

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Be sure to “click link” when you receive your “confirmation” email. This will finish your enrollment– this is to prevent spam.

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