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Mark Levin explains the legal purpose of an executive order very well.

Quote. . .  “The Constitution wasn’t up for election. It’s not up for a plebiscite or referendum. He has to comply with it, too.

The question is what executive order, and under what conditions have they issued. The purpose of an executive order isn’t to substitute the president’s legislative agenda for Congress’ legislative agenda.

The purpose of an executive order, frankly, is an administerial — an administrative act where the president who runs the executive branch has to put a policy in place to comply with the law.

This president is beating his chest talking about using executive order in lieu of congressional legislation.” — Unquote

He says, I’m gonna do what I want to do. Stop me if you can. – And the courts are the only way to stop it. And that takes to much time.

He says he’s gonna get something done, with or without congress. Does he think the rest of congress has no rights as these decisions are made? How arrogant.

Most people don’t hear much about executive orders.

So “Flash Mobbing” is the perfect solution to the problem.

The ones with the most access to the news media are the politicians themselves.

NOTE: Call your Tea Party and Conservative politicians, and encourage them to organize their own “Flash Mob”. And if they will appoint someone to co-ordinate with “MediaFlashMob.com”, we can assist them.


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