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“The rich should pay their fair share.”

“It’s time for hope and change.”

“The Republicans will take your social security check from you.”

“The Republicans are just a bunch of old rich white men.”

“The Republicans have waged a war on women.”

These five catch phrases and about fifteen more were instrumental in the election and re-election of the President and enough Democrats to gain seats in both the House and Senate.

A “catch phrase” is a phrase (fairly short) that makes a bold statement that commands attention, usually touching an emotion — and can be saturated into society until it becomes the norm.

A “catch phrase” will make a point so strong that it won’t need to be explained.

The general public pays little or no attention to the policies of either party. At least until the elections grow near. — In fact most will fall into Rush’s “low information voter” category.

Though they weren’t focused on issues, these catch phrases were being saturated into their minds, and when election time came around they just assumed that was what they believed.

Talking points are designed to do the same thing and are usually put together using a series of catch phrases.

The success of these catch phrases and talking points came mostly because of the constant saturation through liberal news outlets. – Well organized and orchestrated.

If you watch a liberal on a Sunday news show you only need to watch one. — The others may have different guests, but the talking points and catch phrases will be the same, and will continue throughout the week on all the other shows.

Through the study of focus groups and other research, the democrats have mastered this tactic I call “flash mobbing”.

So, let’s study the Republican talking points and catch phrases that have been successful.

Opps! There aren’t any.

Even when they are asked to comment on the same question they may choose a dozen different ways to answer it.

One never seems to know what the other is doing. – That’s not saturating the public.

You would think that the RNC would see what’s working for the Democrats and form their own group that could devise powerful talking points and catch phrases. And co-ordinate a plan to saturate the general public.

It’s not like the Democrats just figured it out. They’ve been doing it successfully for years.

And unlike the Progressives, it can be done without lies and deception. Most Conservative policies have the answers to the nations problems but it’s not being explained (pretty pictures) in a way that will change public opinion.

Tweedy birds like myself are natural Flash Mobsters, and practices it every day.

But at some point we may have to gang up on these politicians in order to convince them that: Elections are won through talking points and catch phrases.



Talking Points 101

 Flash Mob Tactics

 Catch Phrases

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Catch phrases are designed to define and expose the Progressive agenda, and teach the benefits of conservative ideals.  They will eventually be set in stone with few changes over the next two years, and may be used to assist talking points.

But “talking points” will define the current events.

Somewhere out there will be a talking point in someones conversation that will stand out, and draw attention to the conservative policies concerning the current events.

This site will look for and publish those talking points as they come available so that the “Flash Mobsters” will have fresh information available to them.

We certainly encourage you to share any talking points that you think may stand out. — PLEASE include the author of the comment, and the origin of the publication if it applies.