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When entering a polling place, this should be the first thought of a person that is considering voting more than once in an election.

Most blue states will never pass a state law that requires voter identification . . . insisting that everyone has a right to vote, and then accusing the conservatives of trying to take that right away from the poor, elderly, and minority voter.

It’s not the conservative’s objective to take anyone’s right to vote away from them. . . they just want voters to vote once.

We all have to agree that it’s wrong to break the law.

So! Pass federal legislation that will implement a $10,000 fine and 1 year in jail for anyone prosecuted for voter fraud.

Make it a law that every polling place would be required to post signs warning the voters.

If they have signs posted that state, WARNING FEDERAL LAW: If you are prosecuted for voter fraud you will receive a $10,000 fine and 1 year in jail. – this may make a pack of cigarettes or a pack of beer a little less attractive.

Anyone prosecuted of bribing a voter to vote illegally would receive the same penalty.

Investigations and prosecutions should be conducted by the Federal government to reduce local corruption.

Ads could then be run in the areas where voter fraud is suspected. A TV ad highlighting a person being escorted to a jail cell with the door clanging behind them, may give a fraudulent voter second thoughts.

When the politicians are putting out their yard signs, they could at the same time distribute voter fraud warning signs.

Freedom Works or the local Tea Party could recruit volunteers equipped with video cameras, to meet the loads of voters being bussed in, purposely making themselves visible.

Volunteers could be recruited to line the bus routes displaying the “warning signs”.

NOTE: Obama won every state that did not require a Photo ID to vote, and lost every state that did require a Photo ID to vote.

Since it’s a forgone conclusion that blue states will never implement voter ID laws. . . Then those that have intention to vote more than once must be given a strong deterrent.

The politicians need to act soon.

They have a great argument.

Everyone has a right to vote . . . no one has a right to vote more than once.

Click here if you would like to see the statistics the proves “voter fraud” in blue states

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