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Monthly Archives: August 2013

First, ‘Separation of Church and State’ . . . Now, Common Core.

A Conservative Governor . . . Coming After Your Children Too!

I’m Trying to Save your Children . . . Whether you Like or Not.

Beware . . . Conservative Politicians are Coming After your Children Too.

Home School? . . .  So you think you’re Safe from Common Core.

Had a hard time deciding on a title for this article. So as you can see I used them all.

These were thoughts going through my mind after attending a forum that was presented by the Tulsa 912 Project on Saturday, August 10, in Tulsa, Ok.

I just happened to hear about this forum as I was listening to a local radio station while driving across town.

Haven’t heard too much about Common Core in Oklahoma, but decided to attend and find out what I could.

To be honest my main purpose was to seek out some activist groups to partner with at the local grassroots level.

But, it was in an eye-opening day.

Since I couldn’t decide on a title for this article I’ve decided to use them as sub-titles to get my  message out.


If you’ve followed me any length of time you’ve often heard me say. “separation of church and state is most dishonest and damaging legislation ever passed.” – And I blamed my parents for allowing it to happen.

Today we have another issue that I believe, if instituted , will complete the Progressive objective to gain complete government control over all of us and will steal what religious civil rights we have left.

We have allowed the progressives to gain control of our higher educational institutions and turned them into institutions of progressive indoctrination.

Very often a child that has been raised in a conservative environment will come home for a visit from college to inform their parents that times have changed and that what they were taught doest apply anymore.

If we allow Common Core into our school systems, very soon your six year old will be bringing you that same message.

My fear is that one day when our children realize their freedoms have been taken from them, they will approach us and ask, “Where were you. Why did you let this happen?”


I live in Oklahoma, a state that has been named “The reddest state in America”, for which I’m very proud.

My governor is Republican Mary Fallen. I’ve voted for her every time she’s run for office.

Gov. Mary Fallin has been named chair of the National Governors Association with a platform to promote Common Core.

I was a bit shocked with the information I received. (you should Goggle your state + Common Core) and research it in your particular state.

A very impressive speaker, Jenni White, one of the founders of  ROPE  revealed my governors intent to force Common Core on Oklahoma residents.

Following is an excerpt from one of her articles.

If you don’t know, I began my career in activism as the Education Coordinator for the OKC912Project.  Restore Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE) was spun out of the OKC912Project when another 912 member at the time, Julie McKenzie and I realized that one of the reasons Barrack Obama was elected was due to the fact that we are not educating children in our public schools on the Constitution or basic government.As you also may know by now, our bill to create a task force to study the COST of the Common Core, HB1907 passed the Rules Committee UNANIMOUSLY only to be killed by Governor Mary Fallin.  Once the bill passed committee, she refused to allow it be brought to the House floor for a vote. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE



This probably wasn’t a very good overall title for this article. However it pretty well exposes my frustration with many of my close friends that have school age children.

When I found out that the 912 forum was being hosted locally, I sent a text to a few of my close friends that always puts their children first — to invite them to go with me. This was on Tuesday.

When I attended church on Wednesday evening one couple spoke with me and though they had already committed to a prior commitment, ask me to inform them later, which I did.

But to my surprise, I was generally avoided like I had the Plague. Some would sneak past me and actually hide in a back room. Some that generally shook my hand and joined in a little conversation with me, only found time to quickly shake my hand. Others slide out the side door on their way to their car, when they realized I was standing at the front door.

When I attended Church on Sunday morning I casually spoke to my Pastor that I had attended the forum. Of course he asked why.

“I’m trying to save your children . . . Whether you like it or not”.

Of course he didn’t know what I was talking about.

Since we were just passing, we didn’t finish the conversation. But we will. He’s a very good listener, and always has an open mind.



Oklahoma’s State Superintendent, Dr. Janet Barresi (R) is a member of Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE), program.  The FEE is soundly in the corner of having the federal government administrating LOCAL education – very small government stuff (snark).  In addition, FEE and the Chiefs have long touted the Common Core State Standards.  Jeb Bush and the FEE have written numerous education policy initiatives here in Oklahoma, and have already implemented several curriculum through executive order.

49 States are considering Common Core. Many are being led by conservatives.

Again, Goggle your state + common core and see what’s happening.


First of all if you home school you are considered a domestic terrorist by progressives. Or you are a child abuser.

There are already attempts in Oklahoma to intimidate Home School parents. Claremore just sent out a form demanding a copy of their curriculum, and their teaching credentials. This is illegal and the parents DO NOT have to comply.

However, if you are allowed to continue to home school, consider this.

If the Common Core Agenda is implemented in Oklahoma, the ACT test will be revised to fit their curriculum.

If you don’t teach parts of their curriculum your children will not have the information they need to pass the ACT test that is required to enter college.

So you will need to teach them that America is unfair to other countries – that socialism is for the good of the people and capitalism only helps greedy rich people – that churches have no right to teach hate speech against homosexuality and gay marriage, and that parents that are Christians are intolerant.


This is the most dangerous policy since “separation of church and state.”

This is our last stand.

Higher education already has our college age children.

Common Core will get the rest.

If the churches and people with Christian values don’t get involved, the government will soon own your children – and through them will steal your freedom of religious and civil rights.

There’s a lot I haven’t explained, so please, do your research and get involved.

Good Luck. When you hear Politicians talk, they project the image that they are staring at their cell phone waiting for your call so that they can hear your opinion. LOL

You are restricted to your Senators and the one Representative on your small district.

If you email them you have to fill out a form and then when you send it, you will receive a ‘thank you’ and promise to answer it within six weeks. By then the issue you wanted to discuss was old news.

When you call you get a secretary or staff member that very politely promises  to relay your message, or reads a script back to you expressing their view on your question.

I didn’t elect them.

I recently called one of my favorite Oklahoma congressman’s office — Excited that I may catch him in their district office during the August recess.

The best I could get was that they would be holding a public meeting on September 3. If I wanted to ask him a question, that would be my only opportunity.

A few weeks ago I decided to call a dozen of my favorite Tea Party Politicians to make a suggestion on closing the border, that I’m still sure would work, and got the same polite runaround.

I’ve never had a call returned.

Only multiple calls on a particular issue get attention. Therefore If you want to get attention from your Congressman you must join an activist group.

Or if you have a issue (like needing help with a child’s health that has been rejected) that will give them positive publicity, they will find time to return your call.

Even our very best leaders will find time for you — only if they can count the votes.

Or, if your name is well known.

I wonder how many congressmen have refused to return a call from Rush Limbaugh.


See a list of Senators and Candidates who have already signed a pledge to stop Obamacare, as well as a list of those who have not.

On October 1st, millions of Americans will be required to enroll in Obamacare and could lose access to their doctors and be forced to pay higher premiums and higher taxes. But there’s still time to stop it. Republicans in Congress can stop Obamacare if they refuse to fund it.


Many of the Republican politicians have been voting to eliminate Obama Care. — Over and over.

But now we get to see who’s really serious.

If Obama Care is not stopped now, it will be very difficult to eliminate it once it takes affect.

From my observations, It seems that the established Republicans that were around during the shut down in the 90’s remembers the beating they took from the liberal press – and it’s so ingrained into their memory that they just don’t have the nerve to take them on again.

But were living in a different climate now. These politicians need to either cowboy up or we need to send them home.

All the polls indicate that a great majority of Americans, including unions, independents and democrats, realize they’ve been lied to, and are against Obama Care.

It’s an easy sell that Republicans can fund everything but Obama Care, and accuse Obama and the liberals of shutting down the government if they don’t accept it.

It can easily be sold as de-funding in order to delay it  in order to give them time to present a program that will work. (every one knows this one isn’t).

This is a prime opportunity to win the attention of the young voters.

Today’s technology makes it possible to overcome the liberal press that was in control in the 90’s.

So, the Republicans need to get behind Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and win this fight.

They need to name it–claim it – explain it – and win it.

You can follow the link provided above, sign the petition and call your senators and urge them to sign the petition.

I’m doing research on possible scenarios that will help to build a health care program that will work and be acceptable to public opinion.

If you’ve been following me you know that I have started a “name it and claim it” series.

I hope to present the article on “Name it and Claim it – Health Care”, soon.

If you haven’t read my article on closing the border you can follow this link.