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An awesome new tactic?

I know!  — When we think of a “flash mob” we picture a group of teenagers blitzing some poor unsuspecting store owner, overwhelming him with people that are grabbing merchandise from the shelves, and running out before anyone can stop them.

And that’s precisely the objective of Flash Mobbing.

The tactic of “flash mobbing” can be used as a political tool to saturate and overwhelm the public, using “Talking Points” and “Catch Phrases”.

In fact the progressives along with their partners in the liberal press have been doing it for years. Basically, they’re a liberal “flash mob”. — And they’ve done very well.

There’s no reason why a group of conservative republicans can’t organize their own “flash mob”.

The “flash mob” strategy pyramids somewhat like a chain letter (remember those?)

It starts with only one person. — One tells 2, two tells 4, four tells 8, etc.

You can only overcome the liberal flash mob by getting emotional and louder.

And the vastness of a “flash mob” can do that.

Anyone can organize a group and flash mob to get their message out.
But the ones that have the most access to the media are the politicians themselves.

If The Tea Party caucus (or a group of conservatives) were to select an articulate “brainstorming committee” that would assemble “Talking points for each week”, based on the current events. — One that supports the message they want to convey concerning those events. (Example: Border Closing).

And create a few “catch phrases” that reinforces the “talking points”. – They would then have the tools required to began flash mobbing.

The Tea Party politicians would then be scheduled to appear on as many TV and radio stations as possible, being careful that each one use the same talking points, including the catch phrases.

The liberal mainstream media may reject their offer to appear, but the local stations will stand on their heads to get them. This will also provide them with an opportunity to reach the liberal audience.

Those that can’t appear on national shows will try to get on their local stations.

Participants will realize the advantages of “face and name recognition” when the elections come around.

Messaging through the airwaves would save millions in ads.

By coordinating the “talking points”, the people in Texas will be hearing the same  “talking points” as the people in Ohio. And the same as on the national stations.

If conservative individuals were to organize another flash mob and coordinate it with the politicians, thousands of people could be reached and converted to conservatism.

Changing public opinion is as uncomplicated as using the “right words” to make voters desire the conservative policies – and then  “saturate” the minds of the voters with talking points and catch phrases to support them.

Using the “flash mob” tactic, could provide a way to overcome the “mainstream news media.”

For more details follow this link.

I would like to encourage you to join the “Media Flash Mob” team today.

If you have time to spend 15 minutes or more a day on social networking – Then I promise you, I can make it easy for you to make a difference using less time. — Maybe once or twice a week.

Look to your left and, add your name and email address in the box provided, and get updates and alerts on critical issues.

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