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A few years ago I maintained a Christian site named “TheBridgeToChurch.com”.– It’s purpose was to show people how to use the gifts God had given them to bring new members to their church.

I wrote and submitted articles in the form of devotionals to a site that makes them available to “internet readers” and “internet magazines” looking for articles to add to their site.

This allowed me to minister to others and also brought traffic to my site. When my son Kevin became fatally ill I closed the site down to be with him in his last days.

This was 3 years ago. I have recently started another site . . . though it be political . . . I decided to use this same site. When I returned to it, I was amazed that the articles were still alive, and showed that I had submitted 49 articles that had 57,487 views, and had been reproduced by 351 internet magazines.

What a joy to know that people are still receiving the Word through these devotionals.

If you would like to read some of them click the following link.

Recent Articles By Ray Turner

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