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Accuse a Child of Being Bad, and They Will Never Disappoint You.

This also works in reverse.

Accuse a child of being good, and they will break a leg to receive your praise.

I always told my granddaughter, now 20 years old, when she was very young, that she was a good person, and praised her when she did good. And she worked very hard to prove me right.

And guess what? She’s a very good person.

Give anyone credit for thinking for themselves – and they Just might. – Or a least some will.

I believe if the conservative politicians would use this tactic when they confront young College Students, African Americans, Women’s Rights, the low information voter, or even Gay Marriage, they could plant a seed that would encourage them to, as a matter of pride, to rebel against the status quo and begin to think for themselves.

Everyone likes to think of themselves as an independent thinker.

Following are some talking points:

When engaging in a conversation concerning college age young people – “College age students are smarter than we give them credit for. Even though they’ve had the progressive failed policies shoved down their throats by leftist college professors, liberal politicians, and the liberal news outlets.

I can see them starting to understand that they don’t have a job, college students can’t pay their college debts, they don’t like living with their parents, and that conservatives don’t hate gay people.

I’m telling you that they’re not stupid and they CAN think for themselves.”

When engaging in a conversation concerning African Americans – “More African Americans are starting to rebel against the liberal black activist and politicians that stole the “Martin Luther King” dream from them – When they get into their own mind they can see that there are still no jobs, their kids can’t read and write, there’s more violence in their neighborhoods, their daughters are having babies without husbands – and they are worse off then they were 20 years ago. –  More and more African Americans are starting to think for themselves and looking for policies that will give them a better life. And conservatives have those policies.”

When engaging in a conversation concerning Women’s Rights –  Even after years of liberals trying to convince women that conservatives want to rip the birth control out of their hands and put them in the kitchen, women continue to think for themselves — They are too busy accomplishing important things to worry about the divide and conquer strategies of leftists. They are more interested in voting for principled, honest, strong, America-loving folks who will stand up to evil, advance liberty and let our free enterprise flourish. — They don’t vote as women; they vote as Americans. — When liberal women grow up they learn to think for themselves.

Concerning the low information voter – This group of people will very seldom think for themselves. So it is imperative that the “Flash Mobsters” across the nation learn and participate in using the talking points and catch phrases presented on this site that will influence their vote at election time. Most of them aren’t interested in politics – and have been influenced to vote the wrong way.

The liberals have managed to reach them by saturating the media outlets with talking points and catch phrases. – but we can overcome them if we will just flash mob conservative policies in a way that they can understand will give them a better life.

We only need to bring a small percentage of the liberal thinking voters over to our side to win the majority of voters.

The above talking points should be flash mobbed, and flash mobbed, and flash mobbed by the conservative politicians, and every conservative voter.

The politicians have the greatest opportunities through the many news media outlets.

But today we have so many forums that provides opportunity for individuals to reach thousands. I favor Twitter and Face Book.

I can copy and paste one of these talking points on my Face Book Page in less than a minute.

I have many conservative friends that read my posts, but I also have many liberal friends that read them too.

If I accuse them and at the same time give them credit for thinking for themselves – they just might.

We need to understand that if we don’t participate in the effort to change the liberal thinker, we will lose this nation.

If we don’t do it –who will?

Think about what you’re saying when you say, “I don’t have time”.

I would like to encourage you to join the “Media Flash Mob” team today.

If you have time to spend 15 minutes or more a day on social networking – Then I promise you, I can make it easy for you to make a difference using less time. — Maybe once or twice a week.

Look to your left and, add your name and email address in the box provided, and get updates and alerts on critical issues.

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