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We all keep asking why the mainstream news media has been silent.

We all know why. – Because they’re partners with Planned Parenthood, with racist activist, and condone and sometimes join in criminal acts conducted by liberal politicians and groups that are willing to break the law to get their policies enacted.

This massive cover up proves the fear of the Liberal News Media being exposed as – Partners in Crime, Racism, and Murder.

Their actions and immoral commitments to the policies of the progressive agenda reveals their true character. — Liberals can’t tell you what they really believe or they would never win an election.

The most revealing and the one they fear most of course is abortion. And when you call abortion out for what it is, there is no way to put a moral spin on it.

We’ve been indoctrinated to believe, that pro choice is a war against women – but it’s really a war against babies.

The death of 55 million babies is nothing less than mass murder.

The main reason we’ve begun to recognize this as horrendous is because we’ve seen actual pictures of this atrocity, along with the confessions of those that participated. There are hundreds of articles available if you want to view them.

So, in this article I will focus on why the cover up.

All the stories I’ve read about this reveals the doctor’s lack of compassion at any level. In his distorted mind he couldn’t have seen these babies as human.

To him they were just objects that could be played with like a toy. Like a child would play army with his toy soldiers, ripping their heads and arms off.

And that is exactly how all abortionist rationalize their crime. Of course I’m sure most abortionist don’t play with their subjects as toys, as this sick, less than human being did, but they do rationalize that these precious babies aren’t human.

His acts of depravity may be used for good. To expose the true character of liberals and expose the liberal news media – willing partners in crime, racism, and murder.

As our nation becomes more corrupt, we see it’s self-destruction.

If we look back to the five ages before us, each age ended when immoral people out numbered those that weren’t. Acceptance of homosexuality and the dehumanization of children were the last signs before the end of each civilization.

In ancient times children were sacrificed to their gods.

Today babies are being sacrificed in the name of birth control. Often times simply because they don’t want to be bothered with the responsibilities that come with parenthood.

Or a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. (softening the word murder) – But we don’t hear much about the guilt and tortured lives many of these young girls endure later in life – many who themselves take their own lives.

We’ve given our children to radical educators that teaches them that women have a right to choose. Yet refuse to accept in their own minds the atrocities of abortion. – Selling out their morals for personal gain.

Since Dr. Gosnell is black, liberals and their media partners double down on their cover up. They fear the knowledge that black babies are being aborted at a higher rate than any other group — will be exposed to the general public. – And as they are exposed their only defense will be their usual tactic of accusation – you must be a racist.

In my time women had the reputation of having a natural inclination to protect their children. So how do we explain that 55 million of them haven’t?

Do I dare use the ‘C’ word. Yeah! I think I will.

It easy to understand why liberals try so hard to demonize Christians, because the name in itself means Christ-like. – And their faith teaches that Christl-like characteristics are their goal. But it also teaches, they will fall short.

The characteristics of Christ are defined in the bible as: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Now does anyone think murdering a defenseless baby is Christ-like – or that teaching your black brothers and sisters to hate is Christ-like – or that stealing elections through voter fraud, practicing Cronie capitalism, or telling lies or demonizing and attacking anyone that opposes you, is Christ-like.

So it’s no wonder there’s an organized effort to silence them.


Well . . . The Christians are.  But that’s another rant. When Corruption Dominates, a Nation Will Fall:

Where are our politicians? – Once again they pass up this opportunity to expose both the liberal and the liberal press for fear of losing votes.

They need to take these opportunities and flash mob them. Just a hand full of politicians, using those tactics could dramatically change the direction of this country.

Some Republicans are starting to hint at removing abortion and gay marriage from their platform in order to gain votes. If they do that, they will lose the heart and soul of their party, and will risk losing  God’s hand of protection.

Again I say “This massive cover up proves the fear of the Liberal News Media being exposed as – Partners in Crime, Racism, and Murder.”

Once we’ve reached the point where God decides to take His hand of protection from us.


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One Response to Dr. Gosnell Trial Exposes Liberal News Media – Partners in Crime, Racism, and Murder

  • Leah says:

    Our media is doing the general population a terrible injustice! We need to start thinking for ourselves, researching for ourselves and stop allowing the government to control what we learn. Great article!

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