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For years I’ve labeled liberal politicians and their partners in the media as a bunch of sleazy Bookers.

It was kind of an inside joke between myself and my son when he was alive.

We surmised that some Democratic Politician must have at one time been one of these sleazy bookers and introduced the tactic to their party.

THE BOOKER TACTIC:  In the early 1980’s I wrote scripts and rebuttal tactics, for a group of telemarketers – Scripts which basically painted “pretty pictures” with words. – A tactic which liberals have learned to use to create “talking points” and “catch phrases”

This group of telemarketers then used this script to sell hundreds of thousands of books.

This was simply an advertising promotion where the merchant would offer a certificate redeemable for a gift or service “absolutely free”.

So, for the price of a free meal (about $2 cost to the merchant) the merchant could bring in a new customer where they could showoff their great food and friendly service in hopes that they would return as a regular customer. – And their advertising didn’t cost them anything unless or until the customer came into their establishment.

This was actually a great advertising promotion. — However, very quickly the business was overcome by dishonest con artist that sneaked into cities, misrepresented the products, made promises that weren’t there, and in a few short weeks sold thousands of books and then sneaked out town, on their way to another city.

Of course this ruined the promotion in a short time and it soon came to an end. – But a lot of dishonest people got rich.

There were two parts to their tactics that made the promotion successful.

First was the ability to tell a story basically made up of catch phrases that touched the emotions of potential buyers. That would benefit them, and convince them that they couldn’t do without this book of 150 certificates worth $2500 in free gifts and services for only a $49.95 distribution fee.

Free pizza delivered to your house – free haircuts and shampoos for the ladies – free dry cleaning. And even a free oil change for the man of the house.

The phrases “isn’t that great” and “absolutely free” were drummed into the conversation.

Can anyone say, “free food stamps”, “free housing”, “free Obama phones”?

Have you ever heard a Republican explain conservative policies in detail, in a way that would convince a voter to understand how it would benefit them?

This story was than distributed through the phone operators until that city had become saturated.

Using the “right words” to describe the product, plus “saturation” — was the key to success.

Changing public opinion is as uncomplicated as using the “booker” tactic. – Basically using the “right words” to make voters desire the conservative policies – and then  “saturate” the minds of the voters with talking points and catch phrases to support them.

And unlike the Progressives, it can be done without lies and deception. Most Conservative policies have the answers to the nations problems but it’s not being explained (pretty pictures) in a way that will change public opinion.

Our society has been so dumbed down that a great many voters today only understand what is presented “simply” and triggers their “emotions”. – And then, they only get it when their minds have been saturated with it.  (Rush has named them “low information voters”)

The progressives have used this tactic successfully for years resulting in “elections won”.

They have the advantage of the corrupt main-stream news media, and are well organized, coordinating their talking points and catch phrases. – They know how to sell their product by touching the voters emotions and appealing to their comfort level.

If someone is beating you year after year, you would think it might be advantageous to analyze their tactics and learn to adopt some of their methods.

So! How do Conservatives overcome the power of the corrupt main-stream news media?

I’m glad you ask.

The Tea Party caucus, or a group of conservatives, or the RNC should select a “brainstorming committee” that determines “Talking points for each week”, based on the current events. — One that supports the message they want to convey concerning those events.

This week alone has presented several opportunities. Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservative groups, and the gang of 8, immigration reform debacle.

The liberals and some establishment Republicans will try to convince conservatives that they will be seen as mean spirited, accusing them of politicizing the issues.

That’s what politicians do. Politicize the issues in an attempt to sway voters. – It works. The liberals have mastered it brilliantly.

These talking points and catch phrases would then be sent to each conservative congressman so that they will all be on the same page, understanding the promotion for that time period.

The “brainstorming committee” that determines the “Talking points for each week”, should then schedule a select group of spokesmen to appear on as many national TV and radio stations as possible, particularly the liberal ones, being careful that each one use the same talking points, and catch phrases.

Those that can’t appear on national shows should try to get on their local stations.

The national liberal mainstream news media may reject their offer, but the local stations will stand on their heads to get them. So the politicians in each state should attempt to schedule interviews with them.

They got the memo, they know what the plan is.

This would provide them with an opportunity to reach the liberal audience.

Participants will realize the advantages of “face and name recognition” when the elections come around. Many low information voters only vote for names and faces that are familiar to them.

Messaging through the airwaves would save millions in advertising cost.

By coordinating the “talking points”, the people in Texas will be hearing the same  “talking points” as the people in Ohio. And the same as on the national stations.

And this tactic CAN overwhelm the liberal press.

If conservatives can overwhelm the public and change public opinion, they can eliminate any power that the liberals now have.

But mostly Republicans just don’t know how to campaign. – I’ll write on that subject in more detail at a later date.

Candidates continue to spend millions on the same tired old advisors that insist they campaign moderately, convinced that this will bring the independent voters to their side.  – Always playing to “not lose” instead of just explaining the benefits of conservatism.

And the game has changed. It’s the low information voter that determines who wins or loses.

You find them in all groups: College students, women, minority, seniors, Christians, and welfare recipients.

The low information voter is bored with politics, and long drawn out conversations won’t hold their attention. They don’t want to be bothered, and they don’t care about what is going on in the world.

But they still vote.

So you have to secure their vote using short bites that appeals to their comfort level. And teaches them how to vote.

Someone in the Republican leadership must be willing to step up and organize a “hit group” that can devise catch phrases that touches the comfort level of the low information voter.

And then understand how to overcome the mainstream news media, and saturate their minds so that when the voters get to the polls they believe that unemployment IS 15% because of Democratic policies.

Or that gas IS $4 a gallon, because of Democratic policies.

Or that food stamps don’t stretch as far as they once did because of Democratic policies.

If the conservatives don’t pull themselves out of the stone ages and adopt these modern day tactics they will soon become ineffective and irrelevant.

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