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The Chicago Gangsta-style political tactics that have been prevalent through out the Obama reign are being revealed daily through the latest parade of scandals.

The corruption revealed through all the investigations that have and are to come, may not result in any major damage to Obama personally, but can damage the Democratic ‘brand’, and when the 2014 elections come around they will run from him like he has the plague.

As it stands the Gangsta-crats have implemented the greatest deterrent to participate in any Conservative, Tea Party, or Christian activity. – FEAR.

It’s a little suspicious to me that it was actually the IRS that revealed the scandal to start with – probably expecting a little collateral damage – but arrogantly assuming that the gangsta-media would run cover for them and through months of “lie and deny” would keep the tactic of fear in the minds of potential Conservative activist.

Under the pressure of the current scandal, the IRS may have to refrain from it’s previous activities but the atmosphere of intimidation and fear has already been established.

This is the time that activist groups and political campaigns solicit donations from their big money donors.

It’s common knowledge that 15 Romney donors were audited with 7 of them being accused of criminal activity.

The former head of the San Antonio Tea Party in Texas says the IRS targeting of his organization terrified so many members that nearly 50 percent quit the group.

Tea Party and conservative groups were sent questionnaires that were very intrusive if not illegal.

They asked: who was attending your meetings, what were your meetings all about, give us a list of your donors, how much money are they giving you, phone numbers etc.

Christians were even asked what they prayed about. Or what kind of books they read.

Whether or not Obama knew it, and instructed his gangsta-staff to implement this tactic—which may or may not be proved at some time, the tactics definitely assisted in the theft of a Presidential election, and aided in gained seats in Congress and additions to the Senate, thus guaranteeing their control.

And the tactic of intimidation and fear has been established and the warning has been sent that if you oppose the Gangsta-crats, they will go after you.

However, along with accompanying multiple scandals, the Gangsta-crats have provided the Conservatives with an opportunity to eliminate the IRS and big government.

The IRS is feared and hated by everyone.

Sen. Cruz recently tweeted: “Mr. President, if your #1 priority is fixing the problem, let’s abolish the IRS and ensure it NEVER happens again!”

This is the prime time for Conservatives to implement legislation that will eliminate the IRS.

The Gangsta-crat politicians will oppose them, but most of their constituents will favor the elimination, and will put pressure on them to vote for the bill.

There is the added fact that a vast majority of voters will not trust the IRS to implement Obamacare, the greatest piece of social legislation in decades.

And the AP scandal reinforces the distrust towards the  Gangsta-crat administration

This should be the number one and most intense campaign to pass legislation in our time.

Conservatives politicians at the national level must organize, write a bill, create emotional talking points and catch phrases, and then saturate the public with them, as revealed on this site. If anything can be sold to the public, this is it.

The RNC should run ads.

The local, county and state GOP organizations should encourage the national politicians to write the bill and then commit to promote it. – Also college GOP groups.

If the IRS can be eliminated it will eliminate the fear of intimidation, and will encourage voters to get involved in removing the Gangsta-crat politicians from office.

Of course this will require a different tax structure.

Following are the arguments:

Flat Tax Vs. Fair Tax Vs. Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan


2 Responses to Obama’s ‘Multiple Scandals’ Provides Opportunity to Eliminate IRS and Big Government.

  • Ray says:

    I don’t know too much about the different tax alternatives, though I intend to. We definitely need to restructure our tax system in a way that will eliminate the IRS.

    They have way to much power, and this administration has managed to recruit the majority of its employees, that are willing to use their power to do the Progressives bidding. Dangerous.

    Right now they are vulnerable and is the time to insist that our politicians write the bills that will eliminate them. And we should put pressure on them to do so. And keep the scandal alive for public awareness.

    The public is, or soon will be ready to eliminate the IRS and will be ready to accept Restructuring the tax system.

  • Don Lloyd says:

    There is a better way to fix the IRS problem. My concept for tax and entitlement reform called NIFTYTAX will eliminate income taxes on income below $200,000. Individuals making $200,000 or less only contribute to Social Security or their individual retire account. No other “tax” is required!

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