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As we enter the community of the Tweety Birds, we find tons of information available to us.

Rush Limbaugh has named us “the cesspool of misinformation.”

When there’s hundreds of thousands of people providing information at the speed of light, it’s certain that some information and opinions provided by novice reporters will be tainted.

But there’s a massive amount of information that I can retrieve in minutes at the touch of a finger, that keeps me up to date without having to search all the news sites, news TV networks and talk radio shows. (which I also do).

Sometimes, even misinformation will spark a new direction for me to ponder, research and investigate.

And I find it a little arrogant and condescending when someone that’s achieved a level of success in the field of news and opinion, decides that “the position has been filled,” and I don’t have enough ability to discern between good and bad information.

And I don’t have to waste my time listening to the benefits of a good cigar or someone’s participation in a golf tournament – of which is absolutely of no interest to me, until I’m ready to.

However, I do believe we’ve missed a great opportunity to overwhelm the public and change public opinion through the re-tweeting power we have available to us.

In the past few years the game has changed. It’s the low information voter that determines who wins or loses.

You find them in all groups: College students, women, minorities, seniors, churches, welfare recipients, etc. – Conservatives, Independents, Libertarians and Liberals.

The low information voter is bored with politics, and long drawn out conversations won’t hold their attention. They don’t want to be bothered, and they don’t care about what is going on in the world.

But they still vote.

As I was watching “Watters’ World” (on the street interviews) on O’Reilly recently, Watters concluded with this statement, “Catch phrases and buzz words is what they understand.”

So we have to secure their vote using short bites that appeals to their comfort level. And teaches them how to vote.

Social networking has provided us with the mechanisms that we didn’t have available to us a few years ago.

But like the Conservative Politicians, We’ve simply ignored the importance of organizing and banding together in a single cause to secure their vote.

The Twitter Community can have a powerful impact on securing that vote if we will organize and overwhelm the “liberal mainstream news media.” — And that can be accomplished through re-tweeting catch phrases.

Most Tweeters have people that follow them. I find most of the Tweeters I follow have thousands.

I get a little frustrated sometimes when I could use a little more space, but Twitter is perfect for distributing catch phrases.

Within this community of “the cesspool of misinformation.” We find the occasional tweeting of Politicians like Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Pete Sessions and Paul Ryan.

News anchors including Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly – and pundants, Charles Krauthammer, Monica Crowley, and Karl Rove. – Bloggers, Wayne Dupree, Michelle Malkin, and Crystal Wright. – Talk show host, Sean Hannity, Herman Cain, Rush Limbaugh and numerous news websites.

Now consider this. If we had a central point available to start a “catch phrase” so that everyone was on the same page, and this catch phrase was re-tweeted (a simple click) by every follower in your line (which you can encourage to do) – the catch phrase would appear on millions of computer screens simultaneously and throughout the day and week.

Now that’s what I call Saturation. I’ve termed this tactic “Media Flashmobbing”, as you’ll notice contributed to the name of this blog/website.

The catch phrase could be extended through the various media outlets like those mentioned above.

If Reince Priebus, chairman of the RNC, was to alert all of the local, county and state RNC chapters of this opportunity, it could unite them into one powerful organization.

This is all good but it’s mostly preaching to the choir.


So, it very important that we choose a liberal Tweety Bird or two, and blitz them with these catch phrases. Most will be irritated, but a few will be curious enough to investigate the benefits of conservatism.  And we only need a few.

This tactic can also be extended to other forms of social networking.

If you have a personal Facebook account you can post these catch phrases and they will reach many of your liberal friends, and will allow you more space to elaborate if you choose.

Also if you will link to your local news websites you will find plenty opportunities to comment on their political new articles using catch phrases that will reach the low information and liberal voter.

I will be posting current catch phrases to be re-tweeted on my site in the “So! What Are We Gonna “Flash Mob”About Today?” section.

Better still, If you would like to receive an email each week listing the current catch phrases, along with a liberal twitter account to be flash mobbed, you can opt into the list by CLICKING HERE.

Your email address will not be shared with anyone.

Be sure to “click link” when you receive your “confirmation” email.

This will finish your enrollment– this is to prevent spam.

You can opt out at any time.

Last Sunday morning my Pastor brought a great sermon to the congregation. He made this statement, “Our nation has become so immoral that we need to do something to get it back.”

Later I asked him, “Don’t you think we need to ask one more question? What are YOU doing?”  — Yes he answered. We do.

If the conservatives don’t pull themselves out of the stone ages and adopt these modern day tactics they will soon become ineffective and irrelevant.

This “catch phrase” one click movement if massive enough, may bring them to organize and adopt tactics that work.

Join me today and lets do it.

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