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For years I’ve almost said dirty words, pulled my hair out, and screamed at the TV, “Just name it and claim it!”

“Name it and Claim it.” Should be the new motto of the Republican Party.

The Republican politicians have never been good campaigners. Their conservative policies just happen to be desired by enough people that think for themselves — and that is what has managed to get most of them elected.

But most of them couldn’t sell a Cadillac for $100.

Some of our new Tea Party politicians are starting to learn how to explain their policies but they haven’t figured out how to distribute the message.

They can start with immigration reform. – But first let me explain the tactic.

There is an old booker tactic, which the progressives adopted years ago, and has been very successful for them.

I once wrote scripts and rebuttal tactics, for a group of telemarketers – Scripts which basically painted “pretty pictures” with words. – a tactic which can easily be converted to create catch phrases and “talking points”. (and the Progressives have.)

Thousands were sold.

What made the sale successful was the ability to tell them a story that touched their emotions. That would benefit them, and would convince them that they couldn’t do without this book of certificates worth $2500 for only $49.95. (riddled with details)

This tactic can work for any issue, but I’m going to use immigration reform as the example.

Immigration reform is an emotional issue. A story must be created that they understand, and convinces them that this is the best and only way immigration reform will work.

Using the “right words” to describe the product, plus “saturation” — was the key to success.

Once the Booker had created a story that would sell books — This story was than distributed through the phone operators until that city had become saturated.

Today there are so many ways to distribute a story. But the effort has to be consolidated.

I hear some of the new Conservatives telling great stories that explains the benefits of their issue, but the greatest story in the world is useless if no one hears it.

This group of new Conservatives needs to get together and organize. Instead of 20 of them telling a different story each day, they need to coordinate and 20 of them tell the same story each day particularly on the hot issue of the day – Right now one of those issues is immigration reform.

They can then concentrate on each of the 20 until everyone’s story has been told. They can actually help each other to fine tune the story that will include “catch phrases” and “talking points”.

There is not enough space to explain it here but if they will study the four topics above in the navigation bar they will understand how to implement this tactic.

Changing public opinion is as uncomplicated as using the “booker” tactic. – Basically using the “right words” to make voters desire the conservative policies – and then  “saturate” the minds of the voters with talking points and catch phrases to support them.


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