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When the Trayvon Martin incident surfaced, the race baiters must have had a thrill go up their leg.

It had been a long dry spell for Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and the Black political race baiters.

They were beginning to lose their credibility. – They have just about become irrelevant, except to the low information voter.

The old  “hate and divide” tactic was losing its steam, because technology has overtaken them.

The slaves were ban from reading for fear they would become too well informed and rebel against them.

For years the progressive left has managed to suppress the young black people from an education knowing that if they became too well informed they may find them out.

Through the years they have successfully recruited the liberal press and taken control of the educational system, and used it to successfully indoctrinate all of our children.

And the president has shamed the honor and prestige of “the office of the presidency” by adopting that tactic. – But it’s always brought out the Black vote in the past, so I’m sure he also saw the Trayvon Martin incident as an opportunity to gin up the sluggish black voter.

But through today’s technology, there are multiple media outlets that present opportunity to reveal the truth, even if they can’t read.

The Trayvon Martin incident backfired on the Democrats. The anger opened up a dialog on the issue of race, that many non-blacks were afraid to encounter.

A conversation that Conservative politicians are afraid to talk about for fear they will lose the black vote. How much of the black vote do they have now?

Bill O’Reilly led the conversation – unafraid – and laid out the facts very well. – This brought out some brave black commentators — some from liberal media outlets.

A group of black conservatives were revealed on the April 8 edition of the Shawn Hannity Show, during a special show featuring a live audience of black conservative leaders.

Before that show — like the conservative politicians — some seemed to be content to just blend into the conservative culture, being comfortably interviewed on conservative networks, talk shows, and writing articles for conservative blogs and websites.

It encouraged me to see their energy and determination to organize and start the process to spread the truth to their people.

More African Americans are starting to rebel against the liberal black activist and politicians that stole the “Martin Luther King” dream from them.

They can see there are still no jobs, their kids can’t read and write, there’s more violence in their neighborhoods, their daughters are having babies without husbands – and they are worse off then they were 20 years ago.

They are looking for policies that will give them a better life”. — many are realizing they have been sold out by their own brothers and sisters.

If the black conservative leaders, can teach their people the benefits of conservatism, Democrats will lose their vote.

And the liberals that sold them into voluntary slavery will have to leave town.

Allen West recently said – “There’s nothing on this green earth that a liberal progressive fears more than a black American who wants a better life and a smaller government.”

Conservatives “understand that the Constitution was written to control and regulate the government, not the people”.

You can see the abuse these black leaders receive when they try to break away from the dishonest propaganda that has been pounded into their heads. — Eagerly distributed by the liberal press.

We should admire and appreciate their bravery.

But the exploitation of the Trayvon Martin incident by the race baiters has backfired – and the democrats will lose some votes because of it. Time will tell how many and long it will take.

But it’s inevitable now. When the black community learns the truth, the Democrats will lose their vote.

The Trayvon Martin incident was a tragedy. But one day history may credited him with a young man’s tragedy that started the journey for his people to find the opportunities available, that Martin Luther King marched and fought and died for.

They are available.

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