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Good Luck. When you hear Politicians talk, they project the image that they are staring at their cell phone waiting for your call so that they can hear your opinion. LOL

You are restricted to your Senators and the one Representative on your small district.

If you email them you have to fill out a form and then when you send it, you will receive a ‘thank you’ and promise to answer it within six weeks. By then the issue you wanted to discuss was old news.

When you call you get a secretary or staff member that very politely promises  to relay your message, or reads a script back to you expressing their view on your question.

I didn’t elect them.

I recently called one of my favorite Oklahoma congressman’s office — Excited that I may catch him in their district office during the August recess.

The best I could get was that they would be holding a public meeting on September 3. If I wanted to ask him a question, that would be my only opportunity.

A few weeks ago I decided to call a dozen of my favorite Tea Party Politicians to make a suggestion on closing the border, that I’m still sure would work, and got the same polite runaround.

I’ve never had a call returned.

Only multiple calls on a particular issue get attention. Therefore If you want to get attention from your Congressman you must join an activist group.

Or if you have a issue (like needing help with a child’s health that has been rejected) that will give them positive publicity, they will find time to return your call.

Even our very best leaders will find time for you — only if they can count the votes.

Or, if your name is well known.

I wonder how many congressmen have refused to return a call from Rush Limbaugh.


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