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Once again Obama got off the teleprompter and stepped in it.

In an attempt to talk his way out of getting involved in the Syrian war, the president, when pressed, stated that he would take action when or if the Syrian dictator crossed a red line by using biological weapons.

Seems safe enough. Who would be dumb enough to use biological weapons against his own people (if in fact he did)?

Well, somebody did so the pressure’s been put on him to act.

It’s not in his ideology to go to war at any time, past present or future.

It scares me to think that a man with his level of intelligence is running the country.

But you gotta admit he has great handlers.

But the plan and procedure is the one they always use.

Never let a good crisis go by. — And just think if we can stretch it out a few weeks then we can deflect attention that was being focused on our other many scandals. – However, we’ve lied and denied long enough that some of them may go away.

First we have to cry outrage so people will think we’re tough and compassionate.

Then we can go on vacation. – That’ll stretch it out.

I don’t really want to bomb them so how am I gonna get out of this with out being accused of being weak?

I know. I can agree to get permission from congress. (Can’t believe they’re falling for that. I’ve never asked permission for anything before that I really wanted to do). – And they won’t be back until next month. That should stretch it a little more.

I’ll even give a speech in prime time to convince everyone that I’m serious. Stretch . . . stretch . . . stretch.

Now I know their not stupid enough to let me do this . . . and everyone’s scream no . . .no . . . no.  And their gonna feel pretty good thinking they’ve defeated me.

So, I’ll just put on my humble face, maybe I can even conjure up a tear and cry out that my desire is to punish the Syrian dictator for his evil deeds, but according to the Constitution, it is my duty to accept the decision of the uncaring members of the Republican Party.

So as usual, I can get out of this mess and can blame the Republicans for it.

Hee . . . hee . . . hee. Life is good.

Think I’ll treat myself to a game of golf.

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