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Immigration ReformIMMIGRATION: Closing the border is so simple it’s no wonder that the politicians on both sides of the isle seems to have overlooked it — Yet it can be accomplished in a way that is simple, effective, and efficient — And it can be done quickly and at a cost that no one can protest.

I believe it’s an issue that we conservatives can easily win and use to their advantage.

I have a plan that would totally secure the border – without a doubt – A plan that no one could have issue with.

It could be done in a few months, at a low cost, and could be maintained without adding any extra payroll.

Just keep things simple.

The first thing I would do is break the immigration issue into two parts.

I think it would be smart to pass legislation first that would secure the border. – Everyone already agrees that needs to be done.

And it would be easy sell it, if you could prove that you had a “fail safe plan” that could be easily implemented. – The following plan should do that..



First. We need to retrieve the required amount of soldiers the we’ll need for labor by bringing a portion of them home from each unit that is serving in a peaceful country like, Germany, France, Japan, etc.

They’re already being paid — so there won’t be any additional labor cost.

Second. Using their labor – instead of building a fence – string a line of razor wire the full length of the border. – That will be much faster and cheaper.

Then move back 50 yards (or whatever is decided on), and run another strand parallel to the first.

This will create a neutral or “no man’s” land. – where the illegal intruders will be prohibited.

We can always add additional strands of wire (two or three deep) along the border side. Or come back yearly and add a strand, until you’re satisfied.

You can then, using these same paid soldiers to line up along this second line of wire – armed and guarding every inch of the “no man’s” land.

This would also eliminate the need for a lot of expensive technology.

Drones, helicopters and extra men could be secured for emergency situations.

I believe this plan would secure the border — easily – and would be hard for anyone to reject.

A bonus would be . . . The soldiers would be spending their money locally instead of overseas, boosting the economy in that area.

The person that solves this problem first, will be seen as a leader that knows how and is willing to take on hard issues.

Call your Tea Party and conservative politicians today and direct him or her to this article.


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