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The “Flash Mob” tactic is a natural action to distribute the conservative message.

Mike Lee and Ted Cruz recently displayed this  tactic when they forced the Republican House to stand firm on defunding Obama Care.

I know!  — When we think of a “flash mob” we picture a group of teenagers blitzing some poor unsuspecting store owner, overwhelming him with people that are grabbing merchandise from the shelves, and running out before anyone can stop them.

And that’s precisely the objective of MediaFlashMob.com.

To teach activist and their groups to create and organize a political “flash mob” that can saturate and overwhelm the public with “Talking Points” and “Catch Phrases”.

To reverse the mindset of a decaying society that has been brought on by years of liberal propaganda.

And in this case “collectivism” just might be beneficial.

You can change the liberal “news stories” to “your message”, through the saturation of talking points and catch phrases.

If we can change public opinion than we can “steal” back the nation we once had.

The plan is simple, but can only be successful if enough people participate.

The “flash mob” strategy pyramids somewhat like a chain letter (remember those?)

It starts with only one person. — One tells 2, two tells 4, four tells 8, etc. – There is no end to the growth as long as each person that is contacted tells at least one more.

It’s time to get emotional and louder. And the vastness of a “flash mob can do that.


The Tea Party caucus (or a group of conservatives) selects an articulate “brainstorming committee” that determines the “Talking points for that week”, based on the current events. — One that supports the message they want to convey concerning those events. (example: closing the border).

They may also want to create a few “catch phrases” at the same time that reinforces the “talking points”

These talking points are then sent to an organization like Freedom Works that will serve as a HUB for all participating  “flash mob” members.

Freedom Works can create a department that will produce and publish quality  videos that will explain conservative policies, and post them to YouTube.

Closing the border can be easily explained, and race baiter’s can be exposed and diminished in a way that could slow or stop their activity.

These videos can be used as campaign ads by Tea Party politicians when challenging Obama-Republicans in the primaries. (Thus saving funds)

There is a style of video that would be powerful, but of course I can’t disclose it here.

Freedom Works has a massive mailing list and can create an opt in list (Video Warriors) that will be contacted when a new video has been posted.

The Video Warriors will then immediately read and re-tweet the video to their followers encouraging them to do the same.

Using Freedom Works as a hub so that all “flash mobsters” have the same information that the conservative politicians are distributing –  begin “flash mobbing” every avenue that will reach the voter.

Conservative blogs and websites may designate a block on their site that display’s that day’s “video” – adding their own commentary.

So you can see, if everyone does their “one little thing”, each day, it becomes a monster, and can go viral when the bloggers, tweeters,  Face Bookers etc., do their job.

When these “Talking Points” go viral they become the news of the day, and now everyone’s talking about “our message”. Instead of talking about the news. WE ARE MAKING THE NEWS.

Conservative talk show host may use a segment of their show to analyze that day’s “videos”,  “talking points” and “catch phrases”. Call-in’s may mention Freedom Works as a reference when they are making their points.

If the “talk shows” pick it up, it will reach millions and could play a huge part in “flash mobbing.”

There are some Liberal listeners that would go to the videos out of curiosity and some may be converted to our side.

So! The plan is simple. Paint a pretty picture with words that makes our policies desirable, and then with everyone staying on point, each day, saturate the minds.

Tea Party politicians can go one step further

Tea Party politicians will be scheduled to appear on as many TV and radio stations as possible, being careful that each one use the same talking points, including the catch phrases.

Those that can’t appear on national shows will try to get on their local stations.

The liberal mainstream media may reject their offer, but the local stations will stand on their heads to get them. This will also provide them with an opportunity to reach the liberal audience.

Participants will realize the advantages of “face and name recognition” when the elections come around.

Messaging through the internet airwaves would save millions in ads.

By coordinating the “talking points”, the people in Texas will be hearing the same  “talking points” as the people in Ohio. And the same as on the national stations.

There’s protection in numbers. When the politicians present their talking points collectively, it is hard for the news media to single out one to attack.

In recent times when the liberals play the blame game, conservatives will often run for the hills. This just simply gives the progressives more power.

You will see how these accusations can be canceled out when you read the article on (the Art of Accusation)

But first read the article on “Catch Phrases”.




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