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The democrats are doing a spectacular job of playing offense. They’re using a tactic that most conservatives have yet to master. And that’s the “art of accusation”.

Our mama’s told us that name-calling would never get us anywhere. But the progressives have made a career out of it for years. And it’s been very effective.

They’ve learned that the best way to get someone to go on defense is to accuse them.

It works.

Always, rebuttals should be used with an accusation of the truth. (You are just spouting liberal talking points — but here’s the truth)

The liberals have proved that if you say something – or accuse someone of something often enough – people will believe it – so why aren’t we doing it?

For years I’ve been watching conservatives play defense on almost every issue – and not very well –  And most of the time they’re playing to “not lose”.

The main purpose of accusations is to throw your opponent off and put them on defense. And can also be used to change the conversation to the one you want to have.

If you are ask a question that you don’t want to discuss, use an accusation that will change the subject, and put your opponent on defense, — and then continue the conversation; — being sure to distribute the talking points of your choice. — Preferably, the ones that were pre-determined by the “brainstorming committee”.

If you know that you are going to be interviewed on a particular subject prepare your “talking points”, “catch phrases” in advance and be prepared to use rebuttal tactics using the “art of accusation”.

The individual that is willing to learn the art of “flash mobbing” by creating talking points that are powerful through the use of “catch phrases” in each category, — along with using the “art of accusation”, — will transform themselves into a powerful debater that can command the conversation.

Individuals that are political junkies like myself, can also learn the “flash mob” tactics so that they may be able to successfully debate any liberal opponent.

So often I hear liberals comment that the Republican Party is finished. And way too often, I hear conservatives that agree.

But we have the power, because we have the truth. We just need to organize and move.

Just one more very important thing. If a group of conservative politicians will organize and perpetuate their own “Flash Mob” — It will make the way easier for us to help them fight the battle.




2 Responses to The Art Of Accusation

  • Allen McGee says:

    Ray, this is a great group of paragraphs about “the art of accusations”. It is a great strategy to stop defending our core values and go in the offensive to assure the importance of the Conservative movement is to our great country. Awesome website from what I have seen so far. I will be digging deeper into it after my comment here and I look forward to reading all your points.

    • Ray says:

      Thanks Allen. Enjoy surfing the rest of the site. Check back often because it will be updated daily with new research. Share with your friends, and encourage their participation. I will be launching the site officially on Monday, March 5. I hope you will decide to become a “Mobster”. A little tweet here and a little tweet there when done in numbers can have a great impact.

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