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“The Rich Should Pay Their Fair Share” – Sound familiar?

A “catch Phrase” is a phrase (fairly short) that makes a bold statement that commands attention, usually touching an emotion — and can be saturated into society until it becomes the norm.

A “catch phrase” will make a point so strong that it won’t need to be explained.

A “catch phrase” is versatile, and can be used to re-enforce a point, add to the point, or change the subject. – Several phrases can be used in combination with each other to create a more powerful “talking point”, and can be maneuvered into any conversation.

The study and knowledge of the “catch phrases” along with the “art of accusation”, can project a mediocre debater into a powerful debater that can command the conversation.

Generally a few “catch phrases” that are stated over and over is more effective in the long haul, rather than using hundreds of phrases that are only used occasionally.

On the home page you will find a list of around twenty powerful “catch phrases” that will define and expose the Progressive agenda– and with few exceptions will not change.

However, if a particularly effective phrase is discovered via a politician, a pundent, or a talk show host, during the news cycle, it should be shared and circulated through the “flash mob” – so keep your eyes and ears open –and share.

Catch phrases can define the president and his progressive partners character and policy traits.

NOTE: Regardless what you are asked to comment on, both “talking points” and “catch phrases”  can always be maneuvered into the conversation.

I’m always looking for suggestions on “character and policy traits”, and  “catch phrases” that will exploit and expose the progressives.  Here are a few:

  1. The president and the progressives “have been dishonest with everyone.
  2. Their policies are hurting everyone. (Name them)
  3. Class warfare
  4. Race baiting
  5. The progressive’s have deceived the black people and stolen the “Martin Luther King” dream from them, all for their own greed and power.
  6. Expose, and diminish the President to the level of other community organizers like Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton. – AGGITATOR.

Your suggestions can help to refine the talking points and catch phrases. – I once had the advantage of “think tanks”  — you can be the Media Flash Mob “think tank” – I need your help.

To finish the series go to The Art of Accusation





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