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We simply have to reach more people than they do. — And we can. — By using the following simple tactics, we can easily overcome the mainstream news media.

We have a limited time to change public opinion. – But it’s not too late if we stick together and start right now.

Mike Lee and Ted Cruz recently displayed a winning tactic when they forced the Republican House to stand firm on defunding Obama Care.

Though the Senate refused to follow suite , the Cruz/Lee tactic proves that when you explain an issue in a way that people can understand how it applies to their life and then saturates various media outlets, public opinion can be influenced.

This is actually a tactic that’s been around for a long time.

THE BOOKER TACTIC: I once wrote scripts and rebuttal tactics, for a group of telemarketers – Scripts which basically painted “pretty pictures” with words. – a tactic which can easily be converted to create “talking points”.

What made the sale successful was the ability to tell them a story that touched their emotions. That would benefit them, and would convince them that they couldn’t do without this book of certificates worth $2500 for only $49.95. (riddled with details)

This story was than distributed through the phone operators until that city had become saturated.

Using the “right words” to describe the product, plus “saturation” — was the key to success.

Changing public opinion is as uncomplicated as using the “booker” tactic. – Basically using the “right words” to make voters desire the conservative policies – and then  “saturate” the minds of the voters with talking points and catch phrases to support them.

By using the “booker; which I’ve converted to the  “flash mob” tactic, we can overcome the “mainstream news media.” – which happens to be the liberal “flash mob”.

Talking points 101 explains a way for everyone to stay on the same message. – Democrats have been doing this for years. – How come we haven’t figured that out?


FIRST: Talking points must be presented by using words that people can understand – that relates directly to THEIR life (emotions).

DON’T SAY: “The President’s failed policies haven’t worked.” — DO SAY: “So! You think it’s fair for the politicians and special interest groups to be allowed to opt out of Obama Care, but us regular folks are forced to buy insurance that we can’t afford?”

Our society has been so dumbed down that a great many voters today only understand what is presented “simply” and triggers their “emotions”. – And then, they only get it when their minds have been saturated with it.  (Rush has named them “low information voters”)

This is a major “target group” for this site. The last election was won through the overwhelming vote of the low information voter which had been influenced by the liberal talking points and catch phrases.  Of course we want to influence the politicians and “mainstream news media” too.

Anything can be sold if it’s made attractive to the buyer. And anything can be made attractive by using the right words to tell the story.

SECOND: Saturation of the mind is what makes it successful. The liberals have proved that if you say something – or accuse someone of something often enough – people will believe it – so why aren’t we doing it?

And unlike the Progressives, Lee and Cruz proved it can be done without lies and deception. Most Conservative policies have the answers to the nations problems but it’s not being explained (pretty pictures) in a way that will change public opinion.

The “booker” saturated the public by calling every phone number in that city several times.

But “Flash mobbing” is a more efficient and effective way to saturate the public.

If we can overwhelm the public and change public opinion, we can eliminate any power that the liberals have.


The “Flash Mob” tactic is a natural action to distribute the conservative message.

To get a more detailed picture, it’s very important that you read my article on ”Flash Mob Tactics”.

“Flash Mobbing”, when done in great numbers may create a monster and the talking point will go viral.

When “Talking Points” go viral they become the news of the day, and now everyone’s talking about “our message”. Instead of talking about the news. WE ARE MAKING THE NEWS.

So! The plan is simple. Paint a pretty picture with words and then with everyone staying on point, saturate the minds.

These tactics work, and can be used to control the dialogue on every issue.


Next go to “Flash Mob Tactics”


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